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Sunlake Capital LLC is a private investment firm focused on long-term private equity investments in companies that possess a sustainable competitive advantage.


Sunlake makes control equity investments with the assets of our principals and select capital partners. We partner with management to build enduring enterprises with the resources to sustain organic and acquisitive growth. Opportunity to compound this lasting value is made possible by our willingness to hold investments over a longer term.

Sunlake further differentiates by prioritizing aligned management partnerships and pursuing opportunities that are matched with the potential for proprietary value creation.


Partnership Approach

Sunlake prefers to invest in situations where management continues to own or is incentivized with a meaningful equity position in their company. Sunlake also considers minority equity investments when accompanied by control rights. For all investments, we invest a significant portion of our own assets, which ensures shared impact of decision making and the truest alignment of incentives and risks.   Read More

Long-term Investment

Sunlake has the flexibility and willingness to hold its investments longer than most private equity firms. At the same time, we also accommodate our management partners' desire for personal liquidity and career transitions. Our long-term vision also extends to company legacies, making us ideal stewards of family-owned businesses.   Read More

Operational Improvement

Presence of a lasting value proposition is paramount to our investment strategy. We identify companies’ competitive advantages and take a deliberate approach to operational improvement with those attributes in mind. We are passionate about leveraging technology, organization, and efficient access to information.

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