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Specialist Security Industry Private Equity Investors

Sunlake Capital LLC is a private investment firm focused on long-term private equity investments in companies that possess a sustainable competitive advantage. The firm has a particular emphasis and specialization in the security and safety industries.

Sunlake Capital specializes in partnering with security company owners and management teams in physical security and security technology. By understanding the industry's unique dynamics and possessing a deep network of relevant relationships, we are an ideal partner for companies operating within or closely related to the security industry.

Security Investment Characteristics

Sunlake Capital invests in security companies with at least $2 million of EBITDA and a history of profitability.  We are flexible investors that make both majority investments or minority investments with control rights.

Security sectors of interest include, but are not limited to the following:​

Physical Security

  • Guard Services

  • Systems Integration

  • Secure Infrastructure

  • Training

  • Maritime

  • Security Products

  • Asset Protection

  • Safety Services

  • Risk Management

  • Insurance / K&R / Cyber

  • Body Armor

  • Monitoring

  • Access Control

  • Critical Communication 

  • Lighting

  • Fire and Alarm

  • Emergency Services

  • Firearms Accessories

  • Firearms Components

Security Technology / Cyber

  • Software

  • Data Security and Encryption

  • Identity Management

  • Operations / Command Centers Management

  • Devices and IOT

  • Network Security

  • Video and Surveillance Software and Technologies

  • Managed Security Services

  • Risk / Compliance

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