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Sunlake Capital Portfolio Company, Panrimo LLC, Re-brands as Perinorth and Launches New STEM Internship Focus

July 2019 - Sunlake Capital portfolio company, Panrimo LLC, has re-branded as Perinorth and launched a new program focus on abroad internship placements in STEM fields. 

Perinorth now provides customized internship and research opportunities  to work with scientists, professionals, and universities. Over the past several years, the company has dedicated significant financial and operational resources to building the industries leading inventory of program opportunities in the STEM fields.

Perinorth's team of coordinators in London, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Reykjavik, Iceland; Edinburgh, Scotland and other host countries enables the company to provide unmatched experience, quality, and safety for its customers. 

Perinorth's internship offerings extend beyond STEM, but are primarily focused on biochemistry, biology, biomedical fields, climate change, chemistry, ecology, geology, engineering fields, medical sciences, renewable energy, technology, and physics, among others.

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