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Partnership Approach

Better Partners for Management

We invest our capital and resources alongside management’s to forge uncommon alignment. Sunlake's Principals have a track record of strong bonds and working relationships with owners and management.

  • Friendly, honest, and respectful negotiations

  • Responsive working relationships

  • Hands-on when we are needed, hands-off when we are not

  • Respect for employees and family legacy

Prioritize Retention and/or Sharing of Equity

Whether it’s a transition to the next generation, provision of liquidity to a retiring partner, or capital infusion for growth, Sunlake prefers to invest in situations where management continues to own or is incentivized with a meaningful equity position in their company. Sunlake also considers minority equity investments and co-investments with like-minded sponsors.

Invest Our Own Capital

Sunlake invests the capital of its Principals, representing a meaningful portion of their personal assets. Investing our own capital signifies true conviction in target companies. Sunlake may also invest the capital from our proprietary group of individuals or institutions that we feel have a vested interest in a candidate company or can add value.

More Flexible Capital

Sunlake’s model allows it to make investments that are suited to candidate companies rather than a fund mandate. We are open to investing in majority control equity, minority equity with control rights, co-investment, and debt-equity structures, among other alternatives.


Companies are Our Core Assets and Primary Focus

Sunlake’s primary focus is on partnering with management teams to grow the cash flow and value of our portfolio companies. Sunlake is able to retain great companies for the long-term and achieve liquidity for our ownership partners through recapitalizations and other liquidity events. 

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