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Long-term Investors

Long-term Investment Horizon

The flexibility of Sunlake to accommodate long-term investment horizons benefits businesses and strengthens management partnerships. Not all businesses follow the same growth curve. We believe that imposing a short-term time-horizon on an operating business may constrain value creation. Applying the right operational and financial levers often requires the patience to implement them prudently or capture their full potential.


Stewardship of Company and Family Legacy

Our long-term strategy allows us to follow-through on our respect for company legacies. We pride ourselves on being ideal stewards of family- and entrepreneur-owned businesses.

Liquidity Opportunities for Managers and Owners

Sunlake recognizes the benefits of facilitating liquidity for our management and ownership partners throughout an investment period. We utilize recapitalizations, special distributions, and other alternatives to allow our partners realize the monetary fruits of their effort and appreciate the potential for more.

Attentive to Under-served Industries and Situations

Our investment term underwriting and holding periods are generally longer-term than in conventional private equity. Our long-term investment style affords us the ability to focus on industries and situations that are often overlooked or under-served by the private equity community.

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